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Buy 50 YouTube likes from us and get real people liking your videos. YouTube is the most popular video sharing site and having your videos stand out can determine your success or failure. There are thousands of videos uploaded in YouTube each minute, everyone, from marketers, celebrities, musicians, artists etc are in YouTube trying to get an audience to their cause. You need to employ genus marketing methods for your videos to get a good audience.

Make high quality videos

It is important that before we start showing you how to market your video, you ensure that you have high quality video that would interest your viewers. Yes content is still the king and people are viewing your video looking for good content and they are going to reward you if your content is what they are looking for. Choose an eye catching thumbnail that will encourage views to click on your video, Also put some effort to come up with good title that will draw viewers attention. It is also important to also remember not to be deceiving in your thumbnail and video tittle, promise your viewers what you can deliver. This is what will make your viewers leave some positive feedback and keep on coming back to watch your video.

Why You Should buy YouTube likes

YouTube likes is one of the important metrics that YouTube algorithm uses to determine how it will rank your video. Generally the more likes a video has the higher it ranks and the more it gets recommended to others.
YouTube likes are like positive votes to your video, the more the better especially if they are all from high quality user profiles.

Why You Should buy YouTube likes from us?

We watch your video before liking it, this show to the YouTube algorithm that we truly like your video unlike bot likes that just like the video without watching. (Bot likes can actually harm your video thus you should avoid them)
We offer all round packages to ensure your video likes look natural and actually helps your video. Buying instant YouTube likes to your video that has no views and comments will do more harm to the video, you need an all round package that has likes, views and comments, plus most importantly they be delivered naturally from real profiles.
We have 24/7 support, if you have any question just email us sales socialfriends dot shop and we will respond i less that 1 hour. You can also contact us via the chat line at the bottom right of this page.
We start working on new orders in about an hour and get it done in less that 5 days, if you want your order to be done very fast or slower, you can contact us after you order via the above email, make sure you include the transaction ID or video url so that we can know which video you are talking about.

Our YouTube Likes Refund Policy

We offer 100% money back guarantee, if for whatever reason we fail to deliver your order, we will offer you full refund. However if you ask for a refund for an order that is under progress, we can only refund for the work not done.

We also offer other services such as subscribers, comments and views. All the best as you buy 50 YouTube likes.

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  1. Buy 50 YouTube likes

    Do not deny your video the much needed boost to make it shine in the crowded YouTube space, buy real YouTube likes that will give your video the social confirmation that viewers truly like it and make more people want to watch it. For sure we we all want to watch the popular videos that everyone is watching, make your video one of them. Buy safe YouTube likes That will not harm your video, we do not use bots or any method that can harm your video, our likes have shown to benefit our clients videos immensely. You really have to put some effort to make your video be the video that everyone is talking about. You can also buy 1 million YouTube views, buy custom YouTube comments and buy 10000 YouTube subscribers separately to give your video and channel a very natural look. Do not let your video have thousands of likes and little views and comments. Actually we highly recommend to our clients to go for combo packages that have likes, views, comments and subscribers all in one package. This way it creates a very organic touch to your video as the same person profile that watches your video is the same person who likes, comments and subscribes to your channel. Further more you can have the same person to watch, like and comment on your videos again in the future orders or organically.

  2. Buy 50 YouTube Likes

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