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Is buying YouTube comments Important?

The way viewers interact with your video matters a lot not only to other people who will view the video but also to the YouTube algorithm. YouTube factors in the number of comments a video has the interactions in those remarks to determine how it will rank your video.
Human beings are social beings therefore social influence plays a great part in the decision we make. After watching a YouTube video most people scroll down to the comment section to see what other people are saying about the video. This greatly influences the decision the make next or what they overall conclude about the video, for instance if the find that the video has negative comments then the obvious conclusion is that the video is misleading and they won’t trust the information in it. On the other hand if the video has many positive comments then the viewer is likely to trust the information in the video and is more likely to be positively influenced by the the video.

Buy positive YouTube comments

Think about it, if everyone is talking positively about let say a music song you are also more likely to view it positively or if you did not like it at the first instant you might decide to watch it again trying to figure our why all these people are liking it. If its a video about a product/service then you will conclude that the product or service is of nice quality and you might go ahead and buy it.

Buy permanent YouTube comments

It is important you buy custom comments that will stick to your video, not remarks that will be deleted by YouTube after some time. Remaks in YouTube are deleted or “ghosted” if they are spammy or made from suspicious account profiles. Ordinarily we watch your video and then make positive remarks about it, but we also allow for custom comments where you send us a list of comment or some sample remarks to use.

Why buy 1000 YouTube comments from us?

There are many reasons why you should choose our services when buying real YouTube comments. Here are a few of them:
We start working on your order in about an hour after you order. We give you enough time to send us a list of comments that you would like us to use otherwise if no list is sent we go ahead and watch our video and make positive remarks about it.
All the remarks will be from profiles with photos.
We can adjust/edit some of the comments if you feel they do not meet your requirements.
We have 24/7 support, all email are responded to within 1 hour.
For custom remarks just email us the list of the comments or even a list of sample of remarks after you order to sales at socialfriends dot shop. make sure you use your PayPal email address or include the transaction ID so that we can link up the remarks with the correct order.
If you’ld like to pay with cyptocurrencies, kindly email us for directions.

We also offer other services such as likes, subscribers and views, all the best as you buy YouTube comments.

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  1. Buy English YouTube Comments

    We normally offer English comments only, this is because the people who will watch your video to make these comments are only English speakers. If you want comments in any other language, you have to send us the list of comments that you’d like us to use.

    Buy safe YouTube comments

    Our Comments are safe to your video and channel, non of our clients video has ever been banned for using our services. Instead, our clients video has benefited immensely for using our services. We have helped many clients reach many milestones in their YouTube journey.
    Custom YouTube comments
    YouTube videos with many comments generally rank higher in YouTube thus continue to get more views and comments.

    We also strongly advice our clients who are buying 1 million YouTube views or likes to also buy custom comments for the same videos to make them look natural. Think about it, a video with thousands of views but with no likes or comments is a dead give away. Always buy these services as a package.

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